Adult Protection

RED FLAGS OF ABUSE (pdf version)

Adult Protection (Spanish)

Adult Protection (English)

The staff in Adult Protection Services who are licensed social workers investigate allegations of:

  • abuse (intentional or negligent infliction of physical pain or injury)
  • neglect (inadequate food, clothing, shelter or medical care)
  • and exploitation (misuse of someone’s funds for profit or advantage without permission)

Adult Protection Services are mandated to protect anyone 18 or older who has a mental or physical disability which makes them unable to make and implement decisions.

Often Adult Protection collaborates with law enforcement, and other agencies to reduce the risk to this vulnerable population.

The Adult Protection office is available during normal business hours 8am – 4:30pm Monday thru Friday.  

Adult Protection Service is responsible for Area IV, which covers eight counties of south central Idaho

 (Blaine, Camas, Cassia, Gooding, Jerome, Lincoln, Minidoka and Twin Falls Counties).

They can be reached through the Office on Aging (736-2122) or toll free (1 800 574-8656).

The Adult Protection Services are mandated by Idaho Code: 39-5301 through 39-5312 and 18-1505

These statutes can be found at Idaho Legislature website. Click on Title 39 – Health & Safety Chapter 53 or Title 18 - Crimes and Punishment Chapter 15.

A Theory of Adult Protection

  • When interests compete, the adult client is the only person you are charged to serve, not the community concerned about safety, the landlords concerned about property or morality, families concerned about their own health or finances.
  • When interests compete, the Adult client is in charge of decision-making until he or she delegates responsibility volutarily to another or the court grants responsibility to another.
  • Freedom is more important than safety. That is, the person can choose to live in harm or even self-destructively, provided he or she is competent to choose, does not harm others and commits no crimes.
  • In the ideal case, Adult Protective Service seeks to achieve simultaneously and in order of importance, freedom, safety, least disruption of life-style and least restrictive care alternatives.